@ 2:00PM

Senior Access – Do’s & Don’ts

Nancy Southern, MSW, Satori MJ
Susan Boskey, Lifestyle Wellness Rx
Brian Stone, Trail Blazin’ Productions
Jerry Whiting, Le Blanc CNE
Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, Praxigen Biomedia
Hannah Rodrigues, Salish Coast Cannabis

@ 3:30PM

Applying Cannabis Policy at the Local Level

Pinky Vargas, City Council
Mark Peterson, Sustainable Connections 
Oscar Velasco-Schmitz, Dockside Recreational 
Dough Dahl, Washington Traffic Safety Commission 
Lt. Don Almer, Bellingham Police Department 
Danielle Rosellison, Trail Blazin’ Productions

@ 5:00PM

The New Frontier: Media & Marketing in Cannabis

Haley Slater, Haley Mike Design
Malina Lopez, Malina Lopez
Alfa Hordges-Johnson, Heylo Cannabis
Devin Ryan, Weedmaps
Ashley Mack, Ashley Mack Photography
Alex Alexander, Lexscope

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@ 2:45PM

The ABC’s of CBD

Jerry Whiting, Le Blanc CNE
Mallory Wiebe, We Bee Kind
Hunter Stephan, Deep Cell Industries 
Lo Friesen, Heylo Cannabis
Kathryn Randall, Cannature Insights Foundation
Mss Oregon, AMBIT LLC/National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention

@ 4:15PM

Cannabis & Beyond As Therapy

Dr. Alison Draisin, AIMS Institute
Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, Praxigen Biomedia 
Mss Oregon,
AMBIT LLC/National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention
Mary Brown, SMJ Consulting

@ 6:00PM

Oil Infusion Demo

Unika will use non-cannabis herbs to demonstrate how to infuse two different types of oils with ANY herb of your choosing.

You may have seen her on Vice’s Bong Appetite Chef Competition. Now see her at Bellingham Budfest 2019!

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