Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bellingham Budfest?

Bellingham Budfest is a Whatcom County lifestyle tourism festival that celebrates all that Whatcom county has to offer including our blossoming cannabis culture. We invite everyone to participate in this one of a kind festival! Bellingham Budfest aims to promote tourism in Whatcom County. Most importantly, Bellingham Budfest is about education and normalization. Our line-up of educational panels being held in the Zuanich Point Park Boathouse will feature top notch speakers from all aspects of the Cannabis world. Learn firsthand the changes, challenges and breakthroughs in the world of Cannabis Policy Reform.

What does a Toward Zero Waste Festival mean?

Toward Zero Waste (TZW) aims to reduce the amount of waste generated while also increasing reuse, recycling, and composting waste that is generated. Key components of our TZW plan include: requiring food vendors to use compostable serving items, restricting the sale of single-use plastic water bottles, providing a filtered water refill station to encourage attendees bring their own water bottle, discouraging vendors from utilizing single-use plastic for swag item packaging, and a dedicated Green Team to supervise waste disposal.

When is Bellingham Budfest?

Saturday, July 17, 2021 @ 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Where is Bellingham Budfest?

Festivities are located at:
Zuanich Point Park
2600 N Harbor Loop Dr
Bellingham, WA 98225

What kinds of things will I experience at Bellingham Budfest?

Festivities will be emceed by Netflix’s “Cooking on High” star Ngaio Bealum, live music from 5 performance acts, silent disco with 2 DJ’s spinning simultaneously, 5 educational panels expertly moderated, opening ceremonies with city officials, over 50 vendor booths to meet, greet and play, a water refill station to reduce single-plastic use, non-profit organizations, a Q&A booth with the police, a cooking demo from Vice’s cannabis chef contestant Unika Noiel, American-made glass only – no imports allowed… and so much more!

What bands are playing at Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

I heard there is going to be a silent disco. What is that, anyway?

A Silent Disco is a party where the music is sent wirelessly to headphones that people wear, instead of through speakers. This gives people a great deal of control over their listening experience, including being able to choose their own volume, as well as which style of music they want to hear at any given time! We are please to have Secret Sounds as our provider.

Do I need to purchase tickets to Bellingham Budfest?

No, Bellingham Budfest is a FREE event for the whole community! There will be lots of vendor booths to purchase wares from artists and artisans, as well as food vendors. Be sure to support them any way you can. Bring your ID if you are 21+ to enter the Cannabis Corral (the area where cannabis companies will be hosting informational booths. No cannabis sales! Vertical IDs will not be accepted.)

Is Bellingham Budfest all ages/family friendly?

Yes! Budfest welcomes all to join in our festivities. There will be vendors, speakers, and attendees from all around our community present.

Do I need my identification?

For attendees 21+, you must bring a legal identification card in order to access the Cannabis Corral area.

How does the Plan Before You Partake program work?

With generous sponsorship, we are able to provide discounted ride sharing for attendees. Stay tuned for more information and code to use as the event approaches.

How long can I expect to spend at the fest?

We hope for quite a while! We have various activities going throughout the day. We are encouraging vendors to be interactive with attendees, much like a carnival. You won’t want to miss the amazing live music, panels, and even a silent disco yoga session! Plus, we have a filtered water refill station for an endless amount of water. Make sure you bring your own water bottle.

Are there food vendors at Bellingham Budfest?

Yes! There will be multiple food vendors at Budfest with a variety of food offerings to match the occasion. We encourage you to support the unique offerings available. There will be no cannabis infused items available, as this is currently illegal, including CBD.

How do I sponsor Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

How do I host a booth at Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

How do I sign up to be a food vendor at Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

How do I volunteer for Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

What if I want to speak at Bellingham Budfest?

TBD. Please check back later.

Are you sure I-502 companies can host a booth at Bellingham Budfest?

Thankfully, yes! We have an approved plan that is supported by the WSLCB, the Bellingham Police Department, and the Port of Bellingham. I-502 licensees will be in a 21+ only designated area and will be allowed to legally give away promotional items. Please no consumption set ups such as dab rigs. The only other stipulation is that banners/signage must face inward toward the demarcated area and not out toward the park. Please plan your set up accordingly. Update: We have decided to stick with this safe, approved plan even though the LCB has recently relaxed vending rules in parks.

Who is allowed to host a booth at Bellingham Budfest?

Almost everyone! Our only restrictions are no alcohol, tobacco, or imported/mass produced glass sales. We’ll have vendors ranging from cannabis farms and stores to local non-profit organizations and artists.

Is it going to be all cannabis companies hosting booths?

Absolutely not! Our goal of this festival is to showcase the cannabis industry and beyond, from the local plumber to hotel to non-profit organization. The only restrictions are no alcohol, tobacco, or imported/mass produced glass sales.

I’m an artist/artisan. Any options to vend other than the large booth option?

TBD. Please check back later.

Tell me more about the educational panels.

More information will become available as the event approaches.

Can I bring my pet to Bellingham Budfest?

Sure can! Please keep all pets leashed and use appropriate means to dispose of their waste immediately and safely.

Can I bring my own food?

We greatly encourage attendees to patronize the food vendors present at the fest. We also encourage folks to bring their own water bottle, as there will be a filtered water station present and we will disallow the sale of single-use plastic bottles.

Is alcohol allowed? Will it be sold there?

We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol. Therefore, alcohol will not be available for purchase at the event. Our Safety Team reserves the right to remove you from the event if you are witnessed consuming unapproved beverages. This includes vendors. If caught consuming alcohol at your booth you will be banned from all future BBF’s.

Will cannabis be sold at the event?

Cannabis sales (including edibles) are prohibited and this will be strictly enforced. Licensed recreational stores are the place you can legally procure product for your enjoyment if you are 21+. If you are witnessed selling cannabis products at the event, you will be asked to leave immediately by our Security Staff. Police will be contacted where appropriate.

Can we dab at the event?

There will be no open flames allowed at the park. Please no consumption set ups at booths. This is a strict rule and in the vendor contract. NO TORCHES!

Will it be safe at the event?

We have a highly experienced security staff that is trained in de-escalation and emergency response coordination. Every Department Coordinator volunteer is required to earn a Crowd Management Certificate. There will also be an aid station on site.

What time are opening ceremonies?


What’s the live music schedule?


What’s the educational panel topics and schedule?