BBF 2020 Cancelled

It is with profound sadness that we make this announcement.

We have been monitoring the situation with the Covid-19 Pandemic and agree with the City of Bellingham and Mayor Fleetwood’s decision to cancel all summer events through August 30th. This, of course, includes Bellingham Budfest as well as many other happenings that help make summer in our city so amazing.

Bellingham Budfest has always been about community and that is our number one priority. We really do love all of you. The safety of everyone involved, attendees, vendors, sponsors, performers, speakers, artists and volunteers have been on our mind since this pandemic started to appear. While we hoped for the opportunity to host our second Bellingham Budfest, the writing on the wall has become clearer and clearer.

And what a year we had planned. Bellingham Budfest became the first Cannabis event in the U.S. and likely the world, to receive city funds through Bellingham’s LTAC grant program. The level of support we were able to get from the Port of Bellingham was beyond anything we had imagined a year ago. Major issues from our first year, like food trucks, parking, etc. were figured out to our benefit. Our music and speakers were stellar. Thank you to all the bands who applied to play this year. We hope to have many of you on board for next year.

Yes, next year. Bellingham Budfest’s mission to “Normalize, Legitimize, Educate and Celebrate” has by no means been achieved. Our quest to change the role of Cannabis in society will be realized one day. Our intent is to return bigger and better, when we all come out the other side of this enormous challenge.

In the meantime, stay safe. Follow proper protocols to slow the spread of this deadly virus. While it becomes more and more difficult to stay inside, think of the over 40,000 Americans in jail solely because of Cannabis prohibition. We can still go for walks. Shop for groceries. Zoom meet with our friends. Smoke a joint in the comfort of our own home. They cannot. Our work will not be finished until everyone can join us in celebration.

Support the arts in any way you can during this unprecedented time. Bellingham values this group of individuals higher than a lot of places. Let’s all do what we can to insure we can once again gather to appreciate art and music in public like we love to do. We here at Bellingham Budfest cannot wait to see you all at Zuanich Point Park, dancing in the sun and enjoying each other’s presence. By looking after one another, we’ll be there when this is over.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Stacy Bloch & Amanda Mac
Bellingham Budfest